Bookmatching Effect in Spaces

Bookmatching Effect in Spaces

Wall and floor designs are important to add unique and creative features to spaces. Specially applied design solutions on walls and floors attract great attention to customize a certain space and add depth and spirit to the environment.

The use of ceramic and porcelain tiles in creating eye-catching designs in interior designs has been popular for many years. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are preferred due to the natural emphasis on colors and patterns and the magnificence offered by the surface gloss, also offer ease of use with their durability and easy-to-clean feature.

Bold geometric patterns for touches that will add personality and difference to the space or book-matching tiles that mirror each other and create an endless pattern cycle will provide creativity and elegance together. Bookmatching is a form of design that allows two adjacent surfaces to reflect each other, creating holistic patterns like an open book. Bookmatching, which accompanies both contemporary and traditional designs, creates a mirror image impression, just like a butterfly's wings reflect each other, and adds a difference to the space where it is used.

Enigma, the 60x120-sized porcelain tile collection of Rino Seramik Porcelain with book-matching design, creates spacious, distinctive, and interesting spaces in spaces with its endless pattern consisting of the fine and robust vein structure of marble.

Another 60x120 porcelain tile collection Alto with book-matching features offers bold touches to the areas where it is used with its strong and accentuated lines.

The decor tile consisting of the most modern tones of the Viva porcelain tile collection is designed with the harmony of geometric patterns, adding assertive and eye-catching elegance to spaces with its bold design and the brightness offered by its full lappato surface.

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