Why Ceramic Tile?

We are confronted with the question of choosing the material when it comes to design in our interior and exterior spaces on our floors and walls. As Rino Seramik Porselen, we can enlighten you. Ceramic is the most scientifically proven ideal coating material.

We would like to share with you the features that make ceramic different from other coating materials.

Ceramic makes your life easier and saves time thanks to its dirt, stain and rust-repellent feature. It is a healthy choice that it does not contain microbes on its surface. It preserves the natural humidity in the environment and does not trigger allergic diseases.

In addition, ceramic is the longest-lasting coating material. It does not require special care and offers a lifetime. It is budget friendly for those that do not require special cleaning.

It allows you to freely decide on your designs with its richness of shape and size. It is a stylish atmosphere when it is used.

By choosing ceramics in your living spaces, you can make a cost-effective and long-lasting choice.

There are many advantages to choosing ceramics in your spaces, but know what is suitable for your ceramic space. In the simplest example, wall ceramics are not used as floor tiles. The qualities of indoor and outdoor ceramics are different from each other. In our next article, we will tell you which ceramics will be used in which place.

As Rino Seramik Porselen, we set out from what ceramic offers us and we designed Oslo, where we were inspired by the simplicity of white, imagining an elegant touch from the world of marble to ceramics. Our 30 x 75 sized product will highlight your living spaces with its sparkle.